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Top 12 Places To Visit In Vientiane

Vientiane, Laos' national capital, mixes French-colonial architecture with Buddhist temples such as the golden, 16th-century Pha That Luang, which is a national symbol. Along broad boulevards and tree-lined streets are many notable shrines including Wat Si Saket, which features thousands of Buddha images, and Wat Si Muang, built atop a Hindu shrine.  Vientiane is a good place to chill out for

Night Market Luang Namtha

Tightly thronged with tribeswomen and locals hawking freshly made broths, noodles and chicken on spits, with everything veiled in a stratosphere of smoke, great for cheap quick eats, if you're feeling brave try the rhinoceros beetles, duck chicks in embryos, grilled intestines and bile soup!

Namha Protection Area

Nam Ha national protected Area (NPA) in the northern province of Luang Namtha covers some of the most significant and largest wilderness areas in Laos Altitudes ranging from river valleys and plans to the northern highland peaks support a broad suite of habitats with the biodiversity of national importance. This is an area of outstanding beauty, breathtaking mountain views, and

Tham Piu Cave

ThamPiu, where villagers sought protection from American bombers during the Indochina war, saw hundreds die in November 1968 when a US fighter plane fired a rocket directly into it. It still shows signs of smoke damage, while the floor is littered with small, unsophisticated memorial cairns

Tad Champi Waterfall

Tad Champi is an excellent waterfall for independent travellers to hang out riverside, swim and perhaps take a walk behind the curtain of water.

Wat Long Khoun

Resting close to the river on the banks of the Mekong, Buddhist temple Wat Long Khoun has long and historically significant connections to the LuangPrabang royal family. Also known as the ‘Monastery of the Happy’ the temple once served as a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual rejuvenation including any new king who would retreat to the Wat for three days

Wat Chom Phet

Away from LuangPrabanghurds of tourists, WatChomPhet is a lonely abandoned temple, just located on the West bank of the Mekong. Nice sight on LuangPrabang, and nice place to have a nap on the temple front terrace...

Ban Phanom

Ban Phanom is a village steeped in traditional textile making with all families in the village working their looms to provide goods for sale at the night markets. The woven products were once supplied to the royal family and weavers today use the same techniques and patterns, resulting in a distinctly old-fashioned look.

Wat Oum Muang

Also called Um Muang and UoMoung, the ruins of Wat Um Tomo are found in the forest on the east side of the Mekong, were dedicated to Rudrani and during the Angkor Empire, it was one of 102 shrines built by King Yasovarman I across the Khmer kingdom.

That Ing Hung

That Ing Hang Stupa is about nine metres high with beautiful carving and decoration. It’s reported to house a relic of Buddha’s spine. The 16th century stupa is located in Savannakhet, Central Laos.